Tuesday, June 25, 2013

News: More than 50% of NY Drivers Fail the Basic Road Test

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When I read this headline, I was genuinely scared for my life. I understand that budget cuts have taken driver's education out of most high school's curriculum, but that should mean that the slack is getting picked up somewhere else. Of course, not all families can afford to pay for professional instruction, but if their performance on the road is any indication, most parents are not fit to teach their children to drive either. This puts us in quite the quandary as it means there will be an ever increasing number of drivers on the road who eventually managed to squeak by to get their license and the current road test is not even that difficult in most states. As if the state of traffic in places like NYC were not bad enough already.

For me, this is an indicator of things to come for our driving culture. In fact, I just had the wonderful misfortune of being involved in two traffic incidents in as many weeks. In both instances, my vehicle was at a complete standstill at an intersection and in both instances, someone else crashed into me, once from the front and once from the rear. Both times, the accidents could have been entirely avoided with greater attention paid to driving and not on some form of distraction. If this news piece is just the start, I should probably expect to have more run-ins with these types of situations in the future as more and more drivers who are barely qualified are allowed out onto the roads.

Tell us in the comments what you think about this situation? Does it also scare you? Or are you excited at the not too distant prospect of playing dodge car every day on your way to work?

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