Friday, June 7, 2013

News: Cell phone carriers unite against texting while driving

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Distracted driving is becoming ever increasingly problematic as cars get more complex and filled with technology and as our real lives become ever more intertwined with our digital ones. Most people now have some form of touchscreen mobile device that they use on a regular basis, mainly in the form of a smartphone that is with them at all times, including in the car. Many individual cities and counties have taken measures to combat distracted driving by instituting handsfree cellphone laws prohibiting handling of the phones while operating a vehicle. Automakers are also doing their part by offering technologies that allow users to access the most frequently used functions of their phones through voice commands and integration with the car's infotainment system. And now, the big 4 cellphone carriers, have united behind an anti-texting ad campaign to discourage people from texting behind the wheel.

Having been the victim just earlier this week of a distracted driver's inattention, I am encouraged that the cellphone service providers are taking part in this kind of campaign and taking a stand against a habit that is growing into a major problem out on America's highways, especially around urban centers where people's busy lives often force them to need to be connected as often as possible. Distracted driving is a serious matter and is often a contributor to accidents and road rage incidents, so any steps to combat it are steps in the right direction.

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