Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Innovation: Moto Parking

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Finding a place to park your motorcycle in some cities is a hassle. Many cities do not provide dedicated motorcycle parking and when they do, it is often not in the most convenient of locations. However, an Italian company is looking to change that for the better in Europe with the innovative MotoParking storage unit. It is essentially a storage locker with a built in chain that can be used to lock a motorcycle. The locker can be used to store protective equipment that motorcyclists need to ride safely. Having these would make parking easier and safer for motorcyclists, perhaps encouraging more people to utilize a motorcycle as their primary form of transportation. Of course, there is a fee to utilize this system, but if I must pay for parking, making it this usable would certainly make me feel better about the cost involved.

While the system is currently only available in Europe, I hope to see US cities adopt this system for their motorcycle street parking spaces and give us motorcyclists a more usable parking system.

Click here to learn more about the MotoParking lockers.

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