Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Our 100th Post - Welcome to the new East-West Brothers Garage

In the past few months, as we have gone back and forth about what should become of East-West Brothers Garage, my brother and I have taken a serious look at what we hoped to get out of this little project of ours. In many ways, it has legitimized an excuse for us to go and test drive cars and motorcycles and not feel guilty about taking up the time of a salesperson as well as spend money on experiences we might not otherwise have been willing to spend money on. We sought a way to get our voices out there into the vast sea of the Internet, sharing our experiences and thoughts with other enthusiasts who valued a balanced opinion and who also understood the value of all forms of wheeled transportation.

To that end, we have spent the last few weeks working our and implementing a plan. Today, we would like to welcome you to the newly updated East-West Brothers Garage, which not only has a new look and new URL, but also an expanded presence on social media as well as YouTube. We intend to continue to publish articles three times a week - every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday evening. Additionally, we will be creating new original content for our YouTube channel, including driving/riding videos, touring videos, and a few surprises we hope you will enjoy throughout the year. As we continue to grow, we hope to bring guest bloggers into the mix to offer even greater diversity of opinion and share with us their thoughts on various topics, hopefully adding more authenticity with their voices.

At the end of the day, our goal is to offer a unique voice that not only presents the views of a single group of road users, but really tries to encompass the views of all different groups who share our roads. We want to be more than just an "automotive" blog. Instead, our desire is to be a true road users blog that offers not only a focus on motorized transportation, but also includes non-motorized wheeled transportation that many of us share the road with every day. We hope that we can inspire greater discussion that will inspire people to take little steps to making everyone's experience on our roads just a tiny bit better.

So, many thanks to those who have returned to continue to support us. Those of you who are joining us for the first time, we certainly hope that you like what you see and will return for more!

- The East-West Brothers (Kevin and Vince)