Monday, July 1, 2013

Product Review: Black Magic No Scrub Wheel Cleaner

Having a tendency to buy performance brake pads means my wheels are going to get real dirty, real fast. Usually, about after two weeks of driving after washing my car, my wheels are caked in brake dust again. For a while, I had been using the Armor All Triple Action wheel cleaner. It worked reasonably well, and cleaning my wheels became a bit easier than with just soap and water. After running out, I decided I would try something new. The Black Magic product caught my eye because it was "no scrub." Being lazy, not having to scrub would be a godsend. Here's how it worked out.


I had already rinsed off some of the loose particles before applying the product, so what you are seeing left over is brake dust so caked on, you would normally need to apply elbow grease to remove it. The Stop Tech performance brake pads I have installed are notorious for spewing brake dust all over the wheels. Having not washed my car in nearly two months, the brake dust was really on there. Directions were to rinse the wheel with cool water first, then to apply the product and let it set for one to two minutes. After the product has set, rinse again. Repeat with the other three wheels Will I still have to scrub afterwards?


So I cannot exactly say the product is really "no scrub" as advertised, but based on just the pictures alone, you can tell a pretty big difference in the color. The silver of my wheels actually shines through rather being the sort of dusty bronze color left by my brake pads. Admittedly though, this product made me work a heck of a lot less compared to the Armor All product I used to use though. With the old Armor All product I used, I would still have to spend at least 10 to 20 minutes on each wheel scrubbing off whatever brake dust was caked on the wheel. With the Black Magic product, it only took me about five minutes per wheel instead.

Should You Buy?

I have yet to find the perfect wheel cleaning solution for my needs, but Black Magic's No Scrub Wheel Cleaner is pretty close. Considering the amount of brake dust the Stop Tech pads produce, I highly doubt that I will ever find a product that will not require me to scrub. At $5.99 per 23 oz. bottle, it certainly is not expensive at all. Obviously, take the "no scrub" part with a grain of salt, but if you are looking for a wheel cleaner that does a decent job and requires less scrubbing, Black Magic No Scrub Wheel Cleaner is a product worth considering.

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