Thursday, July 25, 2013

Crazy of the Week: Post #2 - Motorcyclist rescues mug

This week, we bring you a bit of crazy with a happy ending. Riding a motorcycle takes a fair bit of skill and concentration and is already pretty mentally taxing for some folks. The rider in this video, however, is clearly very skilled and completely unaffected by the rigors of motorcycle riding and is extremely observant to boot.

Upon seeing a mug resting on the bumper of a pick-up trunk, the courageous rider races to catch up to the truck and then, with some precision riding skills, swoops in and rescues the helpless mug before it shattered into a million pieces on the asphalt. And, as if that weren't enough on its own, the rider proceeds to chase after the owner of the mug and kindly returns the still coffee filled container. This impressive feat of riding is truly praiseworthy for its demonstration of motorcycle handling skills, close proximity riding, and mental focus.

Now if the rider could only be bothered to add a little protective gear to the mix, they could be the poster boy for the motorcycle community. Watch the video and tell us what you think about this rider's actions.

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  1. Ha! That's pretty awesome. I want to know where this is because those mountains are gorgeous!