Wednesday, March 13, 2013

News: Woman ticketed in Maryland for going 2 MPH under the speed limit

The title is a little misleading, but a woman in Maryland was ticketed for going 63 MPH in a 65 MPH zone due to the fact that she was driving under the speed limit in the leftmost lane of a freeway. Her reasoning at the time was that it was windy and she was taking extra precautions and driving carefully. However, her  actions may have actually posed a greater danger to drivers around her as they are forced to have to treat her as a rolling chicane and go around her. What she should have done was to keep moving right until she was in a flow of traffic that matched her desired speed or was in the right-most lane.

Most states have laws requiring drivers to stay right unless passing or designate the left-most lane as a passing lane. However, it seems that most American drivers completely lack the lane discipline to follow these rules or simply are ignorant of their existence and it is nice to see them enforced every once in a while. I agree with the actions of the ticketing officer and hope that most people have the sense of mind to see how forcing other drivers to go around a slower-moving object is more dangerous than if that slower-moving were not there in the first place. When I drive on any divided highway, I make an extra conscious effort to monitor my mirrors and to move over at the first safe opportunity when the traffic behind me is moving faster than I am. To me, it just makes sense to get out of the way.

Tell us what you think about this situation and if you exercise good lane discipline while driving.
See the original article here.


  1. You know what I find hilarious? The local AAA branch trying to defend the woman. They called the ticket "silly" because "it is setting the wrong precedent. Police are trying to tell people it's not OK to drive above or below the speed limit." Clearly, whatever moron at AAA defending the woman didn't read the entire article and realize that she was ticketed for impeding the flow of traffic, not for driving 2 mph below the speed limit.

  2. that stupid woman deserved that, and should get ticketed for double if she does it again