Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A case for lane-splitting

Watching this video from the Bay Area Riders Forum really highlights the need for riders to continually watch their mirrors when stopping in traffic and the need to off-set yourself from the vehicle in front. Additionally, it highlights why the concept of lane-splitting could be a real safety benefit to riders. In MD and VA, lane-splitting is absolutely against the law and you will get a ticket. In DC, there is no specific statute that addresses the behavior and it is up to the discretion of a police officer to decide whether to cite you or not. In fact, CA is the only state that currently explicitly allows lane-splitting (within certain limitations) at all and attempts to institute lane-splitting in other states have been shot down time and time again.

After watching the video, what are your thoughts for or against allowing lane-splitting in DC, MD, and VA? How do you think other drivers will react to the site of motorcycles cruising by them to pull to the front at stoplights?

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