Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Long Term Test: 2011 Honda Fit Sport post #3

Current Miles: 40,566

The hood of the Fit, covered in bugs
Another long term post about the Fit brings another road trip. This time, my fiancee and I took the Fit on a six hour journey north to my fiancee's home town of Sacramento, CA. This was not the first time we have taken the Fit to Sacramento, but it was the first time we did the trip when there was still daylight. This meant that I would actually be awake for most of the drive instead of passed out in the passenger seat.

The last longer trip we took with the Fit was a two hour drive to Oceanside. Two hours is fairly comfortable in the Fit as the seats are not too bad. The only real annoyance is listening to the Fit's 1.5 liter inline-four buzzing away at cruising speeds. For a six hour drive though, the seats did get pretty uncomfortable by hour three. I began to notice that the seats are not as thickly padded as I had originally thought. After switching places with my fiancee half way through so that she could get some rest, I stopped noticing how uncomfortable the seats were. The engine, on the other hand, still got kind of annoying after a while. In the end, it is nothing the radio cannot drown out.

Fuel economy for this trip was not bad. Because my fiancee and I both tend to drive with a heavy foot, we were only able to squeeze out 36 mpg. When we first took the Fit to Sacramento, I thought this number was pretty good. After having the 2014 Acura RLX for a while, and seeing me get 30 mpg on an all highway drive with the RLX, I was much less impressed with the Fit's results. Of course, the RLX's engine has direct-injection and runs on three cylinders during cruising, so those results were expected.

It might just be me, but the interior of the Fit is starting to feel old. Not that any of the interior materials are wearing out, but the cluster of buttons on the center console makes the car feel out-dated. My feelings largely have to do with the RLX and MDX now featuring touch screens, and the fact that the all new 2015 Fit comes equipped with a touch screen as well. While my fiancee had the Ford Fusion as a rental when the Fit was in for repairs, she fell in love with the fancy touch screen infotainment system, the keyless push button start, proximity key doors, and all the other fancy features she has never had on a car before. Considering the new Fit has all of those fancy new features, has more power (which is one of her primary complaints about the Fit), and gets better fuel economy, I may have some leverage to get her to trade her current Fit for a new one.

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