Friday, May 23, 2014

Long Term Test: 2012 Acura TSX Special Edition post #3

Third update
Current miles: 12,575

A few days after my two-year anniversary of ownership, I had the TSX running full steam down I-93 towards NYC for the New York International Auto Show. Heading down, the weather was threatening, but not once did the skies actually open up and offer any rain. While there, the TSX suffered the indignities of vehicles parked in one of many of Manhattan's parking lots - that is to say a few tiny, but noticeable scrapes on the bumpers from valets who refuse to be more careful. After NYAIS, the return drive was significantly smoother, with only one delay caused by a rather horrific looking accident on I-93 in Connecticut. Despite the 75 mph I kept setting the cruise control to, the TSX managed an admirable 32.0 mpg according to the car's trip computer. If we take into account the slight tendency of the car to overstate based on my hand calculations, that still amounts to around 30 mpg, which is just a hair better than the car's EPA rating. In fact, despite a fair amount of city driving, the TSX has pretty much hit the EPA's combined rating squarely on the nose, averaging right at 24 mpg. An impressive feat in this day and age where many manufacturers struggle to deliver cars that meet their EPA ratings.

Aside from the NYC trip, the TSX has seen a particularly harsh Boston winter and survived admirably, although not entirely without casualty. The second service, performed just days before my New York trip, resulted in the replacement of the car's battery, which I was told was failing. Luckily, Acura's warranty had me covered so I paid nothing out of pocket for a fresh new battery to be installed.

The TSX continues to soldier on, though it has developed a few rather annoying rattles that crop up only on the rough winter-beaten roads here in the Boston area. Despite this, the car continues to offer up an entertaining drive and has taken us to Maine for skiing as well as another jaunt to Newport, RI. Between longer trips, the car sees little action and as the weather warms up, my tendency is to continue to favor my two wheeled options. Nonetheless, the TSX proves itself a willing travel companion that has been relatively inexpensive to keep running trouble-free.

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