Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Long Term Test: 2011 Honda Fit Sport 5AT post# 2

Second Update
Current Miles: 33,925

A few weeks ago, my fiancee, along with her best friend, and I decided to visit our friend in Oceanside. This meant an hour and a half road trip, which was a great opportunity for me to find out some new things about my fiancee's 2011 Honda Fit Sport. Normally, I would either be sitting up front with my fiancee or I would be driving, but since I knew my fiancee and her best friend wanted to gossip, I decided to take up residence in the back seat.

Having never sat in the back of the Fit for any extended period of time before, I immediately noticed how roomy it was. Originally, I worried it would be cramped in the back, but the headroom was more than plentiful and the legroom was adequate. Sitting in the back seat, I also noticed something about the Fit I had never noticed before: the sound of the Fit's exhaust is noticeably louder while sitting in the back. This happened to also be the case with my old 1997 Honda Accord LX, so I chalked it up to being closer to the muffler. But despite being louder, the sound of the exhaust was still not loud enough to prevent me from drifting off to sleep.

Spending the hour and a half in the back also helped me realize how comfortable the Fit's back seats were. Because the Fit has its "magic seat" feature, in which the seat cushion folds up to reveal storage beneath the seats, I was always under the impression they would be a bit hard. To my surprise, I emerged from the road trip with nary a pain in my posterior. The one thing that could have helped to improve my experience would be the addition of a center armrest. As far as I know though, none of the cars in the same class as the Fit have a rear center armrest.

Gas mileage continues to be pretty decent as our drive to Oceanside saw a 35mpg average, with mostly highway miles. Driving back, I was at the wheel, and that average dropped to 34, most likely due to my lead foot and general impatience with weekend drivers. Heavier than normal winds probably did not help either.

While my fiancee is mostly satisfied with her Fit, she does sometimes complain that it could use some more power, especially when climbing up hills. I have told her that this is an issue that can be addressed with some aftermarket parts. While I do not expect she will let me do any aftermarket modifications to it anytime soon, there are a few things I would ideally like to do with the Fit. At the end of the day though, this is not my car. I can tell her all the great things I could do with the car, but it is a moot point if she does not agree. Maybe I could coax her into a new 2015 Fit with its more powerful engine?

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