Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Long Term Test: 2015 Jaguar F-Type V6 post #1

I could spend all day waxing poetic about this car, but I have already done that to an extent in my original review of the F-Type, so I will spare you all the extra flowery prose. Instead, I will use this opportunity to simply introduce you all to the latest addition to our long-term fleet, our very own Jaguar F-Type. Unlike in my original review, the car that joins our long-term fleet is actually the base V6 model, but with a few cosmetic options to give it a more aggressive appearance. 

For starters, our car is fitted with the black appearance package, which replaces nearly every piece of chrome on the car's sinewy exterior with piano black trim. The contrast against the car's richly luxuriant Polaris White paint imparts a sinister look, especially sitting on a set of 19-inch Orbit wheels in a matching gloss black with polished metal accents. This car is the perfect accompaniment for that super villain that understands subtlety.

What is missing from this car, however, is the switchable active exhaust system. As much as that option was desired, it was difficult to locate a car with that standalone that did not also include a ton of other options. Since we were targeting a price point, we opted to forgo the option and get the car that had both the looks and performance. That is not to say that the noise emanating from the dual howitzers centered in the rear bumper is in any way tame. The supercharged V6 bellows harmoniously from that exaggerated exhaust setup in the same beautiful melodies as always, even the sharp bark when upshifting on throttle, just in a slightly more muted tone. I suspect the neighbors will be appreciative that we accepted this trade-off.

Inside, the premium package added seats that are 14-way, though it feels more like infinitely, adjustable with three seat memory positions for both the driver and passenger. The climate pack gives us heating on those crazy adjustable seats as well as heating for the steering wheel -- features that will be appreciated greatly during those chilly coastal evenings. The interior is largely black on black, but with a silvery aluminum trim offering some contrast on the center console. And, thankfully, the theatricality that makes Jaguar unique has not been lost, as the beating heart flash of the starter button and the rising center console air vents continues that tradition, along with the trick exterior door handles.

Under the hood, the 3.0L V6 has a supercharger pressurizing the intake to make a stout 340 hp and 332 lb-ft of torque. Attached to the 8-speed automatic transmission, this drive train is good for about 5.1 second 0-60 mph and a 161 mph top speed. Given that this car will largely be carving coastal canyons rather than treeing at the local drags, this it plenty quick. Besides, with that beautiful aural experience to enjoy, speed is not point. This is car that is meant to be driven along the coast, top down with a sea breeze blasting through your hair, the sound of the exhaust ringing in your ears. We will be taking every opportunity to do precisely that and sharing our updates with you.

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